BitBeatBot (2017)

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1 line-of-code synth

To avoid Mp3 or CDs I decided to release my last album as synth: the little synth I used to create it, the BitBeatBot. You can find it here

BitBeatBot is a cheap, portable and expressive sound engine. It generates all sounds from one-line code formulas. It features A mono jack out for your headphones or sound system. A power plug let you power it from a computer, a common phone charger or batteries. It has 5 pots to control the sound generation: the first one let you select the sound synthesis formula, to create sounds ranging from noise to drone, from weird evolving melodic patterns, to game boy/video game scenarios, from truck horns to abnormal sweeps, and early 90s brit summer hits. all with the characteristic/distinctive lo-fi digital distortion flavour. the next pot lets you control the speed/pitch to shift from hectic rhythms to everlasting drones. the last 3 pots control the formula parameters, giving you power to play the BitBeatBot with the great side-effect that whatever you do always sounds right. A reset/panic button, if things had become too weird and you want to go back to the start again.
it’s open source, so you can easily add/share new formulas and explore new uncharted sound worlds.

Usually I give a workshop to help each participant build their BitBeatBots and create a live improvisation with all participants.

Album released on StaalPlaat. Purchase link on Bandcamp

or order the synth only: or

Logo by Giulia Spanghero.