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Learning to draw with LASERS and CRT MONITORS using sound Probably as a consequence of the renewed interest towards analog circuitry and modular synthesizers, in the last few years, analog video synthesis has become increasingly popular in the community of electronic musicians and multimedia artists. […]

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Oscilloscope Graphic Artist Workshop

The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist (OGA) is probably the simplest and cheapest video synthesizer, able to create complex imagery on an oscilloscope or a modified CRT monitor or Television. For this reason is perfect as a starting point for anyone who wants to start with analog […]

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Bit Beat Bot Workshop

BitBeatBots is the most inexpensive, portable and expressive sound engine. It generates all sounds from one-line code formulas. During the workshop the participants without prior experience will solder their Bit Beat Bot and improvise a collective performance for the public using the little synth they […]

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