INspirals – A. Novello – AV release, Elli Records, FRANCE (2021)

Neocortical F-Bars – A. Novello & F. Lopez – CD, Not On Label, THE NETHERLANDS (2020), buy here on Bandcamp

odbooqpo – P. Pascolo, V. Drašler, A. Novello – CD, Creative Sources, PORTUGAL (2020) buy here on Bandcamp

Last-Minute Pre-Dawn Chaos – A. Novello – CD, Elli Records, FRANCE (2020)

Live at Angelica 2018 – Setola di Maiale Unit: E. Parker, M. Colonna, M. Mayes, A. Novello, P. Oliva, G. Pacorig, M. Anelli, S. Giust + P. Neville, P. Corner – CD, Setola di Maiale, ITALY (2019) write me for purchase.

Stellation – A. Novello – Digital Release, Ante Rasa, BELGIUM (2019)]

Unsigned Experimental Noise Comp#5 – Various Artists – Digital Release, Unsigned, HUNGARY (2019), buy on discogs

Cahier de Petits Coquillages vol. IV/V – T. Arthurs & A. Novello – CD, Setola Di Maiale Records, ITALY (2018)

BitBeatBot – 1 Line Code Synth – A. Novello – synthesizer, StaalPlaat Records, THE NETHERLANDS (2017)

Audio DH, sonic manifestations from 250 creators from Den Haag / The Hague curated by Francisco Lopez- Various Artists – USB stick, iii Editions, THE NETHERLANDS (2016)

Modular Live Impro at Dobia 2015 – A. Novello – Digital Release, Nachstuck Records, PORTUGAL (2015)

The Eye – A. Novello – CD, Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art, SPAIN (2015)

Le Retour des Oiseaux, A. Novello & F. Zanuttini – Vynil, Bowindo Recordings, ITALY (2015)

SOS save Ms Stubnitz Release – Dutch Experimental Music Scene Supports Ms Stubnitz – Various Artists – Digital Release, THE NETHERLANDS (2014)

From Invisible to Visible – The EEG as a tool for music control and creation – A. Novello – Paper or digital book, LAP publishing (2014) buy at LAP Publishing

Complete Communion – Arbe Garbe & A. Novello, Vynil, Hybrida, ITALY (2013)

Re:TRAX – a tribute for Piermario Ciani – Various Artists – CD, Hybrida (2013) buy on Kobo Shop or at Hybrida

 ħ – A. Novello & P. Pascolo – DVD + CD, Dobialabel, ITALY (2012)

E Frames – Various Artists – CD, Dobialabel, ITALY (2011) buy at dobialabel.