BLACKLIGHT Choreography for Ultraviolet Laser Light on Photosensitive Surface In BLACKLIGHT the UV part of Laser light paints evolving worlds on a custom-made photosensitive canvas. In contrast with the frenetic but precise laser movements, structures with minute details slowly emerge resembling cities, forests, alien architectures. […]

Active Prismatic Listening

Manipulate and visualise acoustics / A collaborative installation with Bob Hoffnar and Max Lorenzen A space is filled with a series of slowly evolving standing sound waves, creating a relaxing and minimal sound bath. With this minimal sound scape it becomes quickly apparent how the […]

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Share your thoughts with light In LaserWriting the audience receives a powerful tool to express themselves: light. Controlling a single laser beam by moving a finger on a reactive surface, the audience creativity is empowered with the ability to leave a bright trace on a […]

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In occasion of the 125th anniversary of M.C.Escher’s birth the Municipality of Den Haag (The Netherlands) has commissioned me to produce an original work inspired by the great Dutch artist. In BLACKLIGHT X six laser projectors are used to paint on 300m2 surface made of […]

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e//missions (2020)

Laser interventions in the Nature Introduction My work involves repurposing found analogue devices to investigate the connections between light and sound in the form of installations and performances. I repair and modify tools from our past to expose the public to the unique qualities of […]

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LaserDrawing (2014)

Listen to the Light and See the Sound The sound from a modular synthesizer controls laser light to create curvy shapes with vivid colors. LaserDrawing is a completely analog audiovisual improvisation that binds sound and light in a unique synaesthetic experience for the audience. Visual […]

INspirals (2021)

Performance for Laser light and CRT Monitor Inspirals is the name that astrophysics gives to binary stars that loose energy and spiral in towards each other melting into one. In a similar way, for this live performance I have developed a novel technique to fuse […]

Celestial Harmonies (2019)

Contemplative Installation for hybrid analog-digital audiovisual device They call it “Media Archaeology”: brushing off the dust from old tools from a civilisation that hastily jumped into the digital world and left behind forgotten ghosts. In Celestial Harmonies I have hacked a Vectrex (a game console […]


Learning to draw with LASERS and CRT MONITORS using sound Probably as a consequence of the renewed interest towards analog circuitry and modular synthesizers, in the last few years, analog video synthesis has become increasingly popular in the community of electronic musicians and multimedia artists. […]

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To continue my ongoing explorations into Media Archaeology I modified a discarded little CRT screen, destined to trash and probably pollution and transformed it into an artistic tool on which I can draw shapes using sound signals. In the fashion of Visual Music, I can […]

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The project started during the first Italian lockdown out of boredom and as an attempt to entertain sick or depressed citizens from their balconies in the city. Trieste sits on hills and I was living on the top floor of a tall building so it […]

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For Laser and Particle Decay Trajectories The piece has been created from recorded signals of particle detectors from different locations in Europe. Particle trajectories have been translated into XY signals and manipulated in real-time to generate more complex shapes. The signals simultaneously drive the deflection […]


Green beam of a Tektronik 620 analog monitor deflected by sound Created on an analog monitor using sound signals to deflect its beam horizontally vertically and in intensity. The setup for this video used part of LZX Industries video synthesizer modules (Cadets) with signals generated […]


Electron Beam deflected by Sound These works are intended as a tribute and continuation of the work by Woody and Steina Vasulka. Thanks to the recent digital advancements, I aim at extending the pioneering work of the Vasulaksby researching new approaches to Scan Processing. I […]


odbooqpo is a Slovenian-Italian trio creating a sonic blend of psychedelic improvised music: spanning from contemporary electroacoustic pieces to space-free-jazz a la Sun Ra. odbo opqo has been invited to present its music in renowned international festival and clubs for contemporary music such as Interpenetration […]

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Neocortical F​-​Bars

A split album with Francisco Lopez ( A side – Untitled #383 – F. Lopez B side – 37:00 – A. Novello You can buy it here

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Oscilloscope Graphic Artist Workshop

The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist (OGA) is probably the simplest and cheapest video synthesizer, able to create complex imagery on an oscilloscope or a modified CRT monitor or Television. For this reason is perfect as a starting point for anyone who wants to start with analog […]

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Bit Beat Bot Workshop

BitBeatBots is the most inexpensive, portable and expressive sound engine. It generates all sounds from one-line code formulas. During the workshop the participants without prior experience will solder their Bit Beat Bot and improvise a collective performance for the public using the little synth they […]

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