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CD + DVD, can be purchased here https://jestern.bandcamp.com/album/hbar

A set of live-electronic structured improvisations for flute and computer based on the theme of quantum mechanics.
The Planck’s constant (written also as symbol “h bar”) represents the energetic discontinuity implicit in all natural phenomena. This inherent granularity is counterintuitive in the everyday world because the energetic quanta are so small to be unobservable.
We choose to explore physics in a set of compositions as guidelines of inspiration. In this first exploratory piece, the game between the sensuous fluidity of the flute and the discrete roughness of the digital sounds are confronted and fused to explore the subtle limits between continuity and discontinuity, between fluidity and steps, between perception and reality, visible and invisible, analogue and digital.
Dobialabel.com 004

released December 12, 2012

Paolo Pascolo – flutes

Alberto JesterN Novello – real-time processing and visuals

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