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For Laser and Particle Decay Trajectories

The piece has been created from recorded signals of particle detectors from different locations in Europe. Particle trajectories have been translated into XY signals and manipulated in real-time to generate more complex shapes. The signals simultaneously drive the deflection mirrors of a laser to create images and the LR coils of speakers to generate sound. In this way the piece keeps a true synesthesia between sound and vision: you hear what you see. A digital software patch allows improvising with those signals in a live performance while RGB color signals have been added at will using signals from a modular synthesizer.

The stereo audio signal has been projected in space during the performance by Julian Scordato through a multi-speaker array and recorded through a binaural system to accurately transfer the perception of human ears in the room.

Video recording by Nicola Privato.
Thanks to Victor and Valeria at Pase space.

Commissioned by Pase Platform, Venice and SaMPL Padua, 2021.