Oscilloscope Graphic Artist Workshop

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The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist (OGA) is probably the simplest and cheapest video synthesizer, able to create complex imagery on an oscilloscope or a modified CRT monitor or Television. For this reason is perfect as a starting point for anyone who wants to start with analog video synthesis.

photo by Philip Baljeu

The project was initially designed by Mitchell Waite and published in Popular Electronics Magazine, the new PCB design is by Philip Baljeu. The project consists of a Time Base Oscillator, two Shape Oscillators, a Detail Oscillator, two Phase Shifts, two Multipliers, and Signal Mixers. From this list you might think the project would be complicated, but it is actually quite easy and even beginners will be comfortable. Everything is included to be able to generate interesting Oscilloscope Graphics. The OGA can be powered from either two 9 volt batteries, or an Eurorack power supply. Workshop participants will be walked through the operation principles and the construction of the project and finish with a collective performance using what the instruments they have built.

some small improvisation I did with the OGA

“The Graphic Artist is a pattern generator that is designed to use the CRT screen of an oscilloscope as a “canvas” and its electron beam as a high-speed “brush”. The real-time three-dimensional display on the CRT screen has all the delicate geometric beauty and detail of the computer-generated three-dimensional drawings with which we are familiar” (Mitchell Waite, Popular Electronics novembre 1975)

Please contact me for more info on prices and technical requirements for the workshop.

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