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Concert for human brain and Pac-man game environment

This piece explores the fragmentation of personality of the “post-modern man”. Exposed to aggressive stimulation and overwhelming data streams, he must make important choices to follow a rational “mind path” while his time quickly runs out. The performer, impersonating the post-modern man, wears an electro-encephalographic (EEG) headset which detects his mind activity. The analysis of its output reveals the intensity of the performer’s three thoughts which are used to move the pac-man in the maze. Music is generated from the position of the pacman inside the maze and visuals are audio reactive. The time and structure of the composition is thus entirely determined by the choices and concentration of the performer.

Fragmentation is the first work of a tryptic directed towards the analysis and display of human brain activity.

Supported by UVA university Amsterdam and Stimuliering Fonds, The Netherlands.