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In occasion of the 125th anniversary of M.C.Escher’s birth the Municipality of Den Haag (The Netherlands) has commissioned me to produce an original work inspired by the great Dutch artist. In BLACKLIGHT X six laser projectors are used to paint on 300m2 surface made of several large shipping containers covered with photosensitive paint. In contrast with the frenetic yet precise laser movements, structures with minute details slowly emerge resembling cities, forests, alien architectures, and evolving abstract worlds inspired by the work of M.C.Escher.

BLACKLIGHT X is a contemplative live performance in which time is dilated to counterbalance the haste of modern life: invisible light revealing what is hidden, as phosphor extends its trace, capturing the passage of time.

As in most of my recent work, sound is the signal that moves the laser beam in a synaesthetic and synchronic discourse exposed for the audience senses. Light == Sound.

Commissioned by Municipality of Den Haag, IQ Agency, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amsterdam, Ambasciata Italiana dell’Aja.


  • General Coordination – Teun Verkerk
  • Production – IQAgency, Den Haag (Justin Latupeirissa and Niek)
  • Communication – IQAgency, Den Haag (Annemiek and Dulcie)
  • Sound System – Dario Giustarini & Joel Thurman
  • Videographer – Tanja Busking
  • Drone – Jorrit Pit
  • Development space – Studio Loos (Peter van Bergen)
  • Printing and prototyping: SciFabLab Trieste (Carlo Fonda)
  • Painting: Micha de Bie
  • Software assistant: James Lehman
  • Laser hardware design and assistance: Massimo Cappelllo
  • General advisor – Luca Pertegato
  • Paint job: Micha De Bie & Dex
  • Special thanks to: Brian McKinney, Patrizia Cappello, iii space Den Haag, Martin Landwehrman.


  1. Fantastic set at Dadalab! You really bring the percussion, and the light show was astounding.

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