INspirals (2021)

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Performance for Laser light and CRT Monitor

Inspirals is the name that astrophysics gives to binary stars that loose energy and spiral in towards each other melting into one. In a similar way, for this live performance I have developed a novel technique to fuse the image of an analog CRT monitor with laser projections.
The CRT monitor has a monochromatic blue beam that can draw many lines to draw complex shapes, while the laser beam is slower, can only enhance part of the image, but has a colorful and brighter beam.

The performance gets inspiration from deep space fauna: binary stars, lenticular galaxies, quasars, black holes, and curved spacetime continuum.
In this performance, as in most of my recent work, the sound you hear is the same signal that composes the images, to keep a coherent and synchronous material for both Aural and Visual stimulation. In a live performance this synaesthetic coherence becomes a massage connecting both senses of the audience.

INspirals was commissioned by Vector Hack Festival 2020.

INspirals is available for purchase as audiovisual release on Elli Records.