e//missions – Laser interventions in the Nature

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Audiovisual, Installations, Performances

a project inspired by the work of the early land artists (Michael Heizer, Walter de Maria and Robert Smithson) with the idea of using light to enhance attention towards beautiful natural locations. I’m interested in connecting the natural and the artificial, observe how they can interact aesthetically and what they create together in harmony. I also aim at redirecting audience attention from their homes (the project started during the home-confinement pandemic period) towards nature, understanding its value and fundamental role for our life on the planet.

I’m interested in connecting the natural and the artificial, observe how they interact aesthetically and  first started exploring the remote locations of my region (Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the Alps of North East Italy) to find water streams that are getting more and more polluted and enhance them with laser on/through them.

This time I went to Bolivia in the incredible Salar the Uyuni. The salt flat is the largest in the world and contains more lithium carbonate reserves than anywhere else. Bolivian president Evo Morales already anticipated that Chinese and German companies manifested intention to mine the site for obvious energetic reasons and that would sustain the nation for a long time. Of course this creates a risk of widespread pollution, including the calcination of soil which would put the Salar’s flora and fauna at risk.

Project commissioned by Aeson Festival and Dobialab

Full documentary about the first three e//missions:

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