e//missions – Laser interventions in the Nature

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Audiovisual, Installations, Performances

Inspired by the work of land artists Michael Heizer, Walter de Maria and Robert Smithson I explore the remote locations of my region (Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the Alps of North East Italy) to find water streams and enhance them with laser on/through them.

I’m interested in connecting the natural and the artificial, observe how they interact aesthetically and what they create together. I also aim at redirecting audience attention outside theaters and enjoy nature after this long period of pandemic lockdown.

The final results will be published soon, probably next summer. It’s a very long process requiring many attempts to find the good weather, light and water conditions for a satisfying result. Also it takes me time to create code improptu to control the light in connection to what I find on the spot.

Many thanks to Andrea Peluso, Emanuele Pertoldi and Erin McKinney for the assistance and filming. The municipality of Chiusaforte and Resia in the Friuli Venezia Giulia regio of Italy for the location permissions.

Project commissioned by Aeson Festival and Dobialab

Full documentary about the first three e//missions:

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