Phos (2018)

light-sensitive gestural surface A gestural light controller sensitive to light intensity, color and movement. It has been presented either as Installation and as Performance. Developed by Alberto Novello aka JesterN and assisted by Alessandro Fiordelmondo and Arcangelo Di Donato at the Conservatory of Padua, Italy.

Dance Concert (2018)

I developed the sound control for 8 theremins on stage and the live music for the choreography of Ola Maciejewska’s Dance Concert. Premiered at Centre Pompidou, Paris. Co-production: National Taichung Theater (TW), Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie (FR), Productiehuis /Theater Rotterdam (NL), Ballet […]

Cahier de Petits Coquillages vol. IV​/​V

1- Escargots 2- Mollusques Tom Arthurs – Trumpet Alberto Novello – Modular Synth Recorded and Mixed by Alberto NovelloMastered by Tommaso MarteArtwork by Erin McKinney The physical release can be found on on Setola di Maiale recordsor write me. released August 16, 2018 Thanks to Stefano […]

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BitBeatBot (2017)

1 line-of-code synth To avoid Mp3 or CDs I decided to release my last album as synth: the little synth I used to create it, the BitBeatBot. You can find it here BitBeatBot is a cheap, portable and expressive sound engine. It generates all […]

(un)focussed (2016)

Synchronising the brain signals of two performers with the Audience’s (un)focussed is a live EEG experience, in which we try to “tune” the minds of all audience in the room and the performers to the same mental state by using a flickering light at 10Hz. […]

Wave Train (2016)

“Wave Train” by D. Behrman directed by N. Collins, conducted by A. Novello in the first international version using two resonating pianos and one harpsichord, Conservatory of music C. Pollini in Padua, Players: R. Marogna, N. Sanguin, E. Guizzo, M. Polato, F. Dani, Salice, R. […]

Modular Live Impro at Dobia

Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN – Modular synthesizer ( Can be purchased here Recorded and unedited live solo improvisation on 11 july 2015 during “Dobia Arte Eventi” – open act for Meridian Brothers. released November 14, 2015 Remixed and mastered by A. Novello. Artwork by […]

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I curated the real-time sound-design and live interactivity of three dancer’s dresses with 6 microphones on stage for the choreography of Ola Maciejewska. Presented in the most important theaters and dance festivals throughout Europe. Co-production: Ménagerie de verre – Paris (FR), LE CN D un […]

Brain Pong (2015)

Ping-pong match for two human brains Reinterpretation of the iconic Arcade game through modern digital brain computer interfaces so that each participant can develop and experience their “virtual telekinetic” powers. Brain Pong is the second work of a tryptic directed towards the analysis and display […]

Le Retour Des Oiseaux

Can be purchased here: This album is inspired (and dedicated) to O. Messiaen [1908-1992]. It began as a philological investigation into the French composer’s aesthetics. We took his cosmology as starting point for our sonic exploration. The project evolved into a quadraphonic live audio-visual […]

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Complete Communion

Split Album: A Side – Complete Communion – Arbe Garbe B Side – Elephantasy + Bonus Track – JesterN a.k.a. Alberto Novello Can be purchased here

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Concert for human brain and Pac-man game environment This piece explores the fragmentation of personality of the “post-modern man”. Exposed to aggressive stimulation and overwhelming data streams, he must make important choices to follow a rational “mind path” while his time quickly runs out. The […]


CD + DVD, can be purchased here A set of live-electronic structured improvisations for flute and computer based on the theme of quantum mechanics.The Planck’s constant (written also as symbol “h bar”) represents the energetic discontinuity implicit in all natural phenomena. This inherent granularity […]

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What’s Left (2012)

I created the music for the choreography of Liat’s Waysbort. What’s left is a personal fascination over the changes and shifts of social structures in our reality. What’s left sparkled its way into an artistic exploration through wondering what is needed now, in a society […]

VAGUE (2012)

Choreography for inorganic elements and magic In this research project we look closer at the evolution of the magician’s craft. From the street performers of the Middle Ages, till the daredevils from the 19th century Golden Age of Magic, till early 20th century vaudeville. In […]