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Green beam of a Tektronik 620 analog monitor deflected by sound Created on an analog monitor using sound signals to deflect its beam horizontally vertically and in intensity. The setup for this video used part of LZX Industries video synthesizer modules (Cadets) with signals generated […]

INspirals (2021)

Performance for Laser light and CRT Monitor Inspirals is the name that astrophysics gives to binary stars that loose energy and spiral in towards each other melting into one. In a similar way, for this live performance I have developed a novel technique to fuse […]

Laser Drawing

Listen to the Light and See at the Sound Performance for Laser Light deflected by Sound I use the sound from my modular synthesizer to control laser light and create curvy shapes with vivid colors. Laser Drawing is a completely analog audiovisual improvisation that binds […]


Choreography for Ultraviolet Laser Light on Photosensitive Surface I use the properties of ultraviolet laser light to paint evolving worlds on photosensitive surfaces.In contrast with the frenetic but precise laser movements, structures with minute details slowly emerge from the canvas: resembling cities, forests, alien architectures. […]

Phos (2018)

light-sensitive gestural surface A gestural light controller sensitive to light intensity, color and movement. It has been presented either as Installation and as Performance. Developed by Alberto Novello aka JesterN and assisted by Alessandro Fiordelmondo and Arcangelo Di Donato at the Conservatory of Padua, Italy.

(un)focussed (2016)

Synchronising the brain signals of two performers with the Audience’s (un)focussed is a live EEG experience, in which we try to “tune” the minds of all audience in the room and the performers to the same mental state by using a flickering light at 10Hz. […]


Concert for human brain and Pac-man game environment This piece explores the fragmentation of personality of the “post-modern man”. Exposed to aggressive stimulation and overwhelming data streams, he must make important choices to follow a rational “mind path” while his time quickly runs out. The […]