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Active Prismatic Listening

Manipulate and visualise acoustics / A collaborative installation with Bob Hoffnar and Max Lorenzen A space is filled with a series of slowly evolving standing sound waves, creating a relaxing and minimal sound bath. With this minimal sound scape it becomes quickly apparent how the […]

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Share your thoughts with light In LaserWriting the audience receives a powerful tool to express themselves: light. Controlling a single laser beam by moving a finger on a reactive surface, the audience creativity is empowered with the ability to leave a bright trace on a […]

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e//missions (2020)

Laser interventions in the Nature Introduction My work involves repurposing found analogue devices to investigate the connections between light and sound in the form of installations and performances. I repair and modify tools from our past to expose the public to the unique qualities of […]

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Celestial Harmonies (2019)

Contemplative Installation for hybrid analog-digital audiovisual device They call it “Media Archaeology”: brushing off the dust from old tools from a civilisation that hastily jumped into the digital world and left behind forgotten ghosts. In Celestial Harmonies I have hacked a Vectrex (a game console […]


To continue my ongoing explorations into Media Archaeology I modified a discarded little CRT screen, destined to trash and probably pollution and transformed it into an artistic tool on which I can draw shapes using sound signals. In the fashion of Visual Music, I can […]

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Brain Pong (2015)

Ping-pong match for two human brains Reinterpretation of the iconic Arcade game through modern digital brain computer interfaces so that each participant can develop and experience their “virtual telekinetic” powers. Brain Pong is the second work of a tryptic directed towards the analysis and display […]