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For Laser and Particle Decay Trajectories The piece has been created from recorded signals of particle detectors from different locations in Europe. Particle trajectories have been translated into XY signals and manipulated in real-time to generate more complex shapes. The signals simultaneously drive the deflection […]


Electron Beam deflected by Sound These works are intended as a tribute and continuation of the work by Woody and Steina Vasulka. Thanks to the recent digital advancements, I aim at extending the pioneering work of the Vasulaksby researching new approaches to Scan Processing. I […]

BitBeatBot (2017)

1 line-of-code synth To avoid Mp3 or CDs I decided to release my last album as synth: the little synth I used to create it, the BitBeatBot. You can find it here BitBeatBot is a cheap, portable and expressive sound engine. It generates all […]